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PrixMax Launches New VW Group Approved Coolant

PrixMax has added to its range of industry leading engine coolants with PrixMax “Euro Ultra”, a high performance, OEM approved engine coolant engineered for late model European engines.

Formulated with a next generation inhibitor package combining silicate additives with a robust backbone of Organic Additive Technology inhibitors (Si-OAT), PrixMax Euro Ultra has been engineered to suit the latest high-tech engines where high temperature aluminium protection is critical.

PrixMax Euro Ultra has also received official factory approval from the Volkswagen Group in Germany against their latest coolant specification VW TL 774 J (equivalent to G13), having successfully passed all required lab, performance and fleet testing.

“PrixMax believes that this newest product offering will be of great interest to the aftermarket industry,” notes a PrixMax product development spokesperson.  “Not only is PrixMax Euro Ultra officially approved by the Volkswagen Group against their latest coolant specification – making it suitable for the latest vehicles from brands like VW, Audi, Skoda and Porsche – but the inhibitor technology utilised in the coolant makes it suitable for most late model engines manufactured by European OEMs.  We are very excited by this latest product offering.”

PrixMax Euro Ultra is available in pack sizes ranging from 1L to 1,000L IBCs.

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