Fluid Maintenance

Effective on-site fluid management is the only way to keep your equipment consistently protected and operating efficiently and productively.

Our fast and effective on-site fluid conditioning, filtration, monitoring and maintenance services will test the cleanliness and operational efficiency of your system fluids in order to diagnose potential problems and reduce unscheduled equipment downtime. Recently, the introduction of our innovative batching plants have revolutionised fluid management in the field by requiring no moving parts, thereby providing an energy efficient, accurate and uniquely convenient way for our clients to access correctly dosed coolant on-site.

Image: PrixMax batching unit installed on-site in Indonesia.        

Dispensing, Filtration and Recovery

The PrixMax fluid conditioning services will remove harmful contaminants from your cooling systems and significantly enhance the performance, service life and reliability of your equipment.  Our unique on-site batching units have been specially designed to use no moving parts and to accurately measure correct coolant dosages so that our clients always have a ready supply of product in the field. 

Furthermore, we have developed water filtration systems that effectively recycle and treat water on-site, providing our clients with a constant supply of treated water for the PrixMax blending systems from any water source. 

Our services and equipment include:

  • Coolant quality control through accurate dispensing systems
  • Unique on-site batching plants
  • Advanced fluid recovery systems
  • Water treatment and filtration systems
  • Specialised high-volume blending and water treatment plants
  • Tank and system cleaning

Maintenance Services and Testing

Ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and analysis are critical to the productivity of your equipment in the field.  At PrixMax, we provide regular site assessments and fluid analysis programs for our clients so that they are able to regularly monitor the performance of their engines. 

The PrixMax refractometer and Coolcheck® test strip analysis methods are fast and effective ways to test coolant effectiveness in busy fleet maintenance centres.  Our routine testing every 250 hours or oil change will:

  • Prevent costly breakdowns and repairs
  • Prevent corrosion problems
  • Test for adequate fluid concentration
  • Prevent freeze-up and boil-over
  • Help the effective recycling of ethylene glycol