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PrixMax RCP Platinum

Ultra long life. Superior durability. Unparalleled performance.

PrixMax is proud to announce the release of RCP Platinum, a super extended service corrosion inhibitor that introduces the next generation in glycol-free OAT coolants. RCP Platinum contains our most advanced formulation to date, offering an engine coolant that can be used in any engine and that is virtually unparalleled in terms of durability and environmental sustainability.

Put simply, PrixMax RCP Platinum will have any cooling system performing better and lasting longer in the field.

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RCP Platinum and Fire Safety

In this video, PrixMax testing highlights the difference between glycol and water-based coolants from a fire hazard perspective. The demonstration compares a typical 50% glycol anitfreeze with the glycol-free PrixMax RCP Platinum Premixed heavy duty engine coolant.

Super Extended Service

  • Passed 42 day coolant-elastomer CEC testing (CEC L-39-T-96 test using CCMC reference elastomers). This is 6 times greater than the industry standard test duration.
  • Service life of up to 8 years or 24,000 hours in heavy duty systems.

Environmental Sustainability

PrixMax RCP Platinum boasts the following environmental benefits:

  • The world's first certified Carbon Neutral coolant
  • Contains no Nitrites, Amines, Phosphate or Silicates (NAPS free)
  • Does not contain any potentially environmentally harmful borates or any other heavy metals
  • Low toxicity to marine and animal life
  • Independently classified as "readily biodegradable"
  • OH&S benefits
  • Disposal safety benefits
  • Glycol-free
PrixMax RCP Platinum Product Range

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