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Commercial Transportation

From bus fleets to trucking networks, we understand the importance of keeping your fleet up and running smoothly.  In an industry driven by the need for consistent performance, PrixMax has worked with a range of operators to develop innovative coolant solutions that adapt to the demands of your fleet.

We provide state of the art coolant solutions for entire heavy duty truck and bus fleets all over Australia, and have established long term relationships with many transportation organisations who rely on our products to keep their equipment up and running more efficiently and for longer, and to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.  Our products offer uncompromising performance in any transportation engine, and have been designed to protect and maintain your fleet under every operating condition imaginable.


The new generation PrixMax® Long Life Coolants have been specially formulated with our advanced and proprietary carboxylate technology to significantly extend the service life of any engine. These coolants more than double the service life of conventional coolants to at least 500,000 km or over 6,000 hours for on-highway truck and bus engines without the need for scheduled supplemental coolant additives (SCAs).

PrixMax understands the importance of maintaining consistent performance across the whole of your transportation engine fleet, which is why all of our Long Life Coolants have been designed for use in all petrol, diesel and gas engines. The advantage of this universal product technology is that it allows the one coolant product to be inventoried across the whole engine fleet, ensuring that every truck, bus and other vehicle in your transportation fleet will be performing at the level you desire, all at once.

Relevant Product Range

PrixMax supplies both water and ethylene glycol based coolant products to the transportation industry. The following PrixMax products have been proven to provide superior performance in all transportation applications across a broad range of OEMs:

Glycol-Free Coolants Antifreeze / Coolants
Maintenance Solutions