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Long Life Coolants

In 1996, PrixMax pioneered the introduction of heavy duty coolants based on organic acid technology (OAT) in Australia and South East Asia. Prior to this, OAT coolant technology was relatively unknown in the Australian and South East Asian markets.

Boasting arguably the most extensive and proven field performance history across a range of OEMs, the PrixMax Long Life Coolants continue to be used with confidence by a variety of global industry clients that demand premium performance and the highest levels of environmental sustainability from their coolants.

The PrixMax Long Life Coolant technology uses a proprietary silicate-free organic carboxylate formulation that contains virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors. Essentially, the organic inhibitors are constantly migrating from the anodic sites on the metal surface, forming the basis for the protection mechanism that drastically extends the life of the coolant in the engine. This formulation is also compatible with all base fluid combinations.

The outstanding protection offered by our proprietary OAT coolants significantly reduces maintenance and inventory costs, keeping cooling systems running cleaner and cooler for longer.

From an environmental perspective, independent ecological and toxicological studies have shown that the PrixMax Long Life Coolants are readily biodegradable and have a low toxicity to marine and animal life.

The PrixMax Long Life Coolants meet recent global OEM specifications for improved environmental formulations (NAPS free), containing no nitrates, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates or molybdates. PrixMax adopted the NAPS free standard for its Long Life Coolants in 1996, which have since been effectively tested across a wide range of leading US, European and Japanese OEMs, amounting to countless hours of successful performance in the field.