Coolcheck® Analysis Program

The Coolcheck® Analysis Program is an advanced and unique preventative maintenance program that will help to significantly increase engine service life, reduce unscheduled downtime and prevent the failure of equipment in the field.

The accurate results and reliable action recommendations from a team of expert analytical chemists helps equipment managers make the best decisions for the running of their asset fleets.

The Coolcheck® Analysis Program gives our clients the best possible information and advice relating to the performance of the cooling systems in every piece of equipment in their fleet. The Coolcheck® laboratory is a world class facility run by a team of specialised analytical chemists and includes members of the ASTM Committee D15 on Engine Coolants and Related Fluids. The Coolcheck® laboratory tests any coolant brand and participates in the ASTM's Engine Coolants Proficiency Testing Program (PTP). The state-of-the-art equipment contained in the laboratory enables the team of experts to run one of the most comprehensive and unique coolant testing programs in the world. We then provide our clients with an accurate interpretation of the results and reliable recommendations on which actions to take to eliminate any present or potential equipment problems.

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