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High Performance Products

The PrixMax High Performance Products range has been developed to complement our coolants and corrosion inhibitors and provide the complete performance package for equipment owners and operators.

These products make use of state-of-the-art formulation technology to ensure that any engine is performing to its maximum potential on or off the road.

Product Range

PrixMax Rim and Tyre Protector

PrixMax Rim and Tyre Protector (RTP) employs a next generation technology corrosion inhibitor based on the use of carboxylate chemistry. PrixMax RTP will protect rims and wheels from rust, corrosion and scale and allows easier tyre demounting.

Download the Product Data Sheet for PrixMax RTP (Premix)


PrixMax Radiator Flush

PrixMax Radiator Flush is an excellent choice for the periodic, preventative maintenance of diesel and petrol engine cooling systems without costly downtime. PrixMax Radiator Flush is a heavy duty cleaner compatible with all engine coolants, and can be conveniently left in the system for up to 30 days for heavy duty engines.

Download the Product Data Sheet for PrixMax Radiator Flush


PrixMax Radiator Descaler

PrixMax Radiator Descaler is a fast acting formula designed to remove contaminants and fouling deposits found in engine cooling systems. This product is suitable for cast iron and alloy engines.

Download the Product Data Sheet for PrixMax Radiator Descaler


PrixMax Diesel Fuel Treatment

PrixMax Diesel Fuel Treatment is a state of the art concentrated treatment formulated to control bacterial growth and sludge formation in diesel fuel tanks. This product will disperse existing sludge, kill fungi and bacteria, preventing new sludge formation, dispersing small quantities of water, and inhibiting corrosion in fuel tanks and lines.

Download the Product Data Sheet for PrixMax Diesel Fuel Treatment