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We supply coolants to some of the Australia’s largest automotive companies and distribution networks.

PrixMax has developed a range of inhibitor technologies that all meet or exceed relevant industry standards in order to supply high quality coolants and corrosion inhibitors that will suit any vehicle on any budget.  Boasting some of the most extensively and successfully field-tested range of products on the market today, PrixMax continues to provide the automotive industry with consistently superior, reliable and sustainable coolant solutions for all operating conditions.


From the latest organic acid technologies through to more traditional chemistries, PrixMax has developed a range of additive and inhibitor formulations for our products in order to offer a complete selection of engine coolants for every sector of the automotive industry.

The PrixMax OAT long life products offer an exceptional coolant service life in passenger cars of up to 6 years or 350,000 km.  In addition, our RCP water based coolants and corrosion inhibitors remain the most environmentally friendly coolant products on the market.

We have also developed more cost effective and fully formulated antifreeze and corrosion inhibitors using hybrid and conventional technologies. Our hybrid technology antifreeze coolants contain an advanced low silicate, nitrite and amine free formulation that is suitable for all passenger and light commercial vehicle engines, diesel, petrol and gas engines and all European and Japanese trucks and buses. The economical PrixMax conventional technology antifreeze and water based coolants are suitable for all cast iron and aluminium engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (particularly in older vehicles).

Relevant Product Range

PrixMax has developed coolant products for the automotive industry that are able to suit any engine on any budget. Our products come in concentrated solutions and premixed solutions that will ensure the quality of the product is maintained in application by eliminating the scope for mixing errors and minimising maintenance costs. The following PrixMax products have been proven to provide superior performance in automotive applications across a broad range of OEMs:

Long Life OAT Coolants Hybrid Technology Coolants
Conventional Coolants Maintenance Solutions