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PrixMax supplies engine coolants that meet the technical and performance demands of today's vehicle manufacturers.

PrixMax has developed a range of inhibitor technologies that all meet or exceed relevant industry standards in order to supply high quality coolants and corrosion inhibitors that will suit any vehicle on any budget.  Boasting some of the most extensively and successfully field-tested range of products on the market today, PrixMax continues to provide the automotive industry with consistently superior, reliable and sustainable coolant solutions for all operating conditions.


Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” coolant for your vehicle.  Choose engine coolants that are manufactured by a specialist with in-depth knowledge of the industry.

PrixMax develops and manufactures premium quality products to suit the specific chemistry and performance requirements of major vehicle manufacturers.

A large number of materials are used in the modern cooling systems, including steel, copper, aluminium, solder, cast iron, brass, plastics and numerous types of elastomers.  Formulated engine coolants must contain specific additives (such as corrosion inhibitors) to prevent damage to all of these materials.  Depending on the engine manufacturer, different coolant technologies are needed in order to suit the manufacturer’s specific performance and compositional requirements. 

Despite the allure of an “all makes / all models” coolant solution, this approach fails to take into account the varying coolant technology preferences and compositional requirements of OEMs.  The PrixMax product range covers different coolant technologies, from conventional corrosion inhibitors through to Organic, Hybrid and “Lobrid” additive technologies, to address these technical subtleties

Relevant Product Range

PrixMax has developed engine coolants that are able to suit any engine on any budget. 

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