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PrixMax Euro Ultra

PrixMax Euro Ultra is an OEM factory approved, technically advanced extended life antifreeze / coolant based on ethylene glycol and glycerol. This coolant is engineered with next generation “lobrid” technology containing a backbone of organic inhibitors combined with silicate additives (Si-OAT). This high performance engine coolant provides effective corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys, and is particularly recommended for high-tech engines where high temperature aluminium protection is required.

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  • Factory approved by the Volkswagen Group (Germany) against specification VW TL 774 J (G13)
  • Utilises a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process – partially replacing ethylene glycol with glycerol
  • Superior corrosion protection through the latest Si-OAT inhibitor technology
  • Exceptional aluminium protection for modern hi-tech engines
  • Excellent corrosion, cavitation and erosion protection for aluminium water pumps
  • Borate, nitrite, phosphate and amine free formulation
  • Compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycolRecommended for use in Toyota and Lexus vehicles


  • Engineered for late model European vehicles
  • Particularly recommended for hi-tech engines where high temperature aluminium protection is important