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Oil and Gas

PrixMax continues to supply the oil and gas industry with premium, reliable and environmentally sensitive coolant solutions.

We draw from a wealth of experience in supplying some of the largest onshore and offshore oil and gas operations in the world with products that deliver consistent and quality performance in the field.

We supply our oil and gas industry clients with innovative and adaptive coolant products that have been field-tested to last for at least 32,000 hours in stationary engine applications, significantly reducing their costs and downtime whilst maximising the profitability and efficiency of their operations.  PrixMax coolants are used across an enormous range of oil and gas equipment, from stationary power generators, static heating and cooling systems, gas compression equipment, high pressure water injection pump equipment, heat bath operations, pipeline distribution systems and other industrial applications.


For most oil and gas operations all over the world, environmental and OH&S issues remain an ongoing concern.

Over the past two decades, PrixMax has developed and enhanced coolant technologies that are not only able to withstand the demands of the equipment used in oil and gas operations, but that can also be used with confidence in environmentally sensitive sites. The PrixMax® RCP water based product line offers not just exceptional heat transfer, cooling and corrosion inhibitor capabilities, but also enjoys unsurpassed environmental sensitivity as a readily biodegradable formulation with a low toxicity to marine life. The PrixMax RCP coolants are perfect for sites where waste fluids are disposed by way of evaporation ponds, since the product doesn’t need to be treated before it goes into the pond and will biodegrade without issue. PrixMax® Quench Coolant is another readily biodegradable and environmentally safe product that is specially designed for bath heater systems and heat exchangers in gas operations.

Where freeze protection is required, as is often the case for gas operations where chilling systems are used, PrixMax® MEG95 long life coolant antifreeze is an ideal fluid formulation that will prevent icing in the system. Both PrixMax RCP and MEG95 products use non-depleting organic additive technology and require significantly less maintenance than other traditional products.

Relevant Product Range

The PrixMax Long Life Coolant technology is available in both water and ethylene glycol based solutions. The following PrixMax products have been proven to provide superior performance in oil and gas applications across a broad range of OEMs:

Glycol-Free Coolants Antifreeze / Coolants
Maintenance Solutions