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Heat Transfer Fluids

PrixMax's GLYCHILL industrial coolants and heat transfer fluids include inhibited ethylene glycol and propylene glycol-based products that are specifically formulated to protect system metals and components commonly found in industrial cooling and heating systems.

Backed by years of formulation and manufacturing expertise, PrixMax produces a range of inhibited heat transfer fluids that can be used across heating, cooling and various other industrial applications.  Offering excellent heat transfer performance and extended life corrosion protection, PrixMax's GLYCHILL fluids can be trusted for use across a range of applications, from food and beverage processing, heating and cooling circuits, HVAC systems, solar heating systems and wind turbines.  

Product Range


PrixMax GLYCHILL FG is a multipurpose heat transfer fluid and industrial coolant based on USP/EP grade propylene glycol and contains only food grade ingredients.  Specifically formulated for the food and beverage industries where there is the possibility of incidental food contact. 

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PrixMax GLYCHILL MEG is an industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid based on ethylene glycol.  For use where a propylene glycol based fluid is not mandated, GLYCHILL MEG offers excellent heat transfer properties and extended life corrosion protection for a variety of system applications, including heating and cooling systems, defrosting and de-humidifying applications, HVAC, and other closed-loop applications.

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PrixMax GLYCHILL WTC is a ready to use, low toxic, extended life industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid based on propylene glycol that is designed for use in all closed loop liquid-cooled wind turbine systems.

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