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Field Performance Testimonial

The following testimonial is provided by a major pipeline transmission company operating 500kW GEA's for power generation:

"After a successful test of PRIXMAX RCP on one our gas engine alternators, it was rolled out to the entire fleet of 23 units. We have been extremely pleased with the results. One of the most recent engine overhauls revealed practically no evidence of corrosion. During 48,000 hours of duty/standby operation only 3 coolant changes were required. The supply of premixed RCP in 1000L IBC's made the job of a fluid change safer and faster."

The photos below were taken of one of the company's Waukesha 51 series engines that ran over 48,000 hours with PrixMax RCP before overhaul. This engine underwent only 3 fluid change outs during the 48,000 hours of operation.

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