Sustainable Solutions

Our commitment to sustainability lies at the core of our product development.

We are constantly improving our systems and technology in order to set the benchmark in long life and environmentally sustainable products.  Our long life coolant solutions have been developed to help all of our clients in every industry increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of their operations.  Through an emphasis on quality and innovation, our products and services ensure that from cradle to grave your equipment will last longer and perform better in the field, thereby increasing the profitability of your entire jobsite.

Water-based technology

A commitment to sustainability requires the development of environmentally sensitive products. Through a focus on environmental sustainability and extended service performance in heavy duty engines in particular, PrixMax has distinguished itself as a leading supplier of water-based OAT coolant technology in the mining, oil & gas, power generation and heavy transport industries in temperate climates. Since 1996 the PrixMax R&D Department has worked tirelessly in order to develop its unique OAT water-based formula that exceeds all relevant performance testing specifications for heavy duty engine manufacturers, and most importantly one that consistently delivers exceptional performance in the field.

While an increasing number of alternative base fluids have become available in a market that is growing increasingly concerned with environmental responsibility and the growing volatility in the glycol base fluid market, PrixMax has refined its formulated water-based coolants to a point where there is effectively no base fluid alternative that matches this formula for overall performance, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability. All of the PrixMax Long Life Coolants are NAPS-free formulations, in that they contain no environmentally harmful nitrites, amines, phosphates, silicates, or any other potentially harmful minerals.

The PrixMax Long Life Coolant solutions have been independently certified as readily biodegradable and non-toxic to marine life, and offer a significantly lower carbon footprint than other traditional coolant technologies.

Responsible fluid management

Beyond the development of sustainable fluid technologies, PrixMax has designed innovative system technologies to assist with environmentally responsible fluid management in the field.

The PrixMax water treatment and filtration systems have been designed to effectively treat and recycle water sources on-site in order to provide a complete and environmentally sustainable system for our clients in the field. We have also developed and installed unique on-site fluid batching units that require no moving parts, providing a highly energy efficient solution for the accurate and automatic batching of our coolants in the field. In addition to these sustainable technologies, our workplaces also adhere to the most stringent procedures and processes to effectively protect the environments around us and enhance the environmental performance of our operations. Our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation demonstrates the effectiveness of these operating practices.

Our customers act with confidence knowing that our products and services have been developed with environmental sustainability in mind, and that PrixMax is with them every step of the way to ensure that their equipment and broader operations are running to the greatest levels of safety and efficiency possible.

Environmental Policy

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