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PrixMax Envirocool

PrixMax Envirocool ready-mixed coolant is a blend of low toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors in deionised water for the protection of automobile and light-duty service engine cooling systems.

Using proprietary silicate-free organic carboxylate technology, this product provides long-life corrosion protection for aluminium, iron, copper and solder alloys. The inhibitors contained in Envirocool® have very low depletion rates unlike the traditional phosphate and silicate based technologies.

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Environmentally Safe

  • Safe for marine and animal life
  • NAPS free: no Nitrites, Amines, Phosphates or Silicates.
  • Contains no borate due to toxicity concerns or other heavy metals (eg molybdite inhibitors)
  • Readily biodegradable as determined by AS4531 Part 2 or OECD guideline No. 301E
  • Safe for marine life
  • OH&S benefits, thermal benefits (through lower operating temperatures) and disposal benefits


  • Long life corrosion protection
  • Provides effective, long term corrosion protection for the six basic metal alloys - aluminium, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper - found in most heat transfer systems
  • Flush and change intervals of 250,000km or 6 years (whichever comes first) for passenger and light commercial vehicles
  • Meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS 2108-2004 Engine Coolant Type B


  • Compatible with most factory-fill inhibited glycol or water based engine coolants
  • Suitable for inventory across the entire fleet
  • Ready-mixed solution eliminates the need for messy mixing and guesswork on initial fill and top up

Cost Savings

  • Reduces engine coolant cost up to 60% over other conventional coolants 
  • OAT long life technology reduces maintenance costs
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