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We supply agricultural industry clients with quality and reliable coolant solutions that stand up under the most severe operating conditions imaginable.

Ongoing maintenance costs and mechanical performance are some of the main concerns for farmers on the land since they ultimately affect productivity. Our trusted long life coolant solutions will keep tractors, utilities, combines, stationary engines, ancillary and all other equipment running cooler for longer, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing the productivity of your agricultural business.


When operating in warm, temperate climates like Australia, the use of formulated water based engine coolants will provide a greater level of heat exchange capability than any mixture of ethylene glycol and water, since no compromise between freeze protection and heat exchange efficiency has to be made. The water based PrixMax® RCP coolant and corrosion inhibitor has proven to be ideal for use in the agricultural industry in Australia because it offers exceptional heat transfer capabilities and significantly extended service intervals, coupled with important environmental advantages as a safe and readily biodegradable product.

Where farming sites require freeze protection owing to climate or process, PrixMax® MEG95 long life coolant antifreeze is an ideal fluid formulation that will provide the highest level of antifreeze and corrosion protection. The PrixMax RCP and MEG95 products use non-depleting organic additive technology and require significantly less maintenance than other traditional products.

Relevant Product Range

The PrixMax Long Life Coolant technology is available in both water and ethylene glycol based solutions. The following PrixMax products have been proven to provide superior performance in agricultural applications across a broad range of OEMs:

Glycol-Free Coolants Antifreeze / Coolants
Maintenance Solutions