Health and Safety

Safety is our priority. PrixMax fosters a strong health and safety culture that begins within our own operations and extends to our work with customers in the field.

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of all of the people associated with our activities is one of our most fundamental operating principles.

From our operations at the ISO 9000:2008 certified manufacturing plant to our services and work in the field, we have set and adhere to strict OH&S standards that extend beyond the minimum requirements in relevant laws and regulations. Through strong, clear and committed leadership, PrixMax has developed an integrated Safety & Health Management System that is in line with achieving our vision of an injury and disease free workplace.

Our active Health and Safety Committee is continually developing and improving our operating procedures, training modules, employee support programs and risk management systems in order to maintain our exceptional safety record and general operational excellence. Through regular safety audits and performance reviews, the OH&S Committee ensures that at all levels of our business we are adhering to the operational management systems that we have in place for the protection of our people and the environment.

At PrixMax, we understand that a true safety culture is developed through leadership and the involvement of every one of our employees. This is why we provide regular training sessions and programs for all of our employees, giving them the skills they need to safely complete their tasks and further understand their responsibilities to protect the people and environments around them. It’s all part of our commitment to continually improve our operational performance and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

Manufacturing and Supply

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