Testing, Research and Development

In order to remain a market-leader in the development of coolant technology, the PrixMax R&D department is constantly evaluating and enhancing the performance of our products with a view to providing innovative coolant solutions for the future.

Our investment in research has lead to the development of cutting-edge coolant solutions for our clients that are the benchmark in an industry where performance and sustainability are crucial.

The manufacturing plant routinely runs all of the ASTM tests required for product development and quality control purposes. The plant provides our R&D team with access to state of the art laboratories and research facilities, and is equipped to carry out all relevant ASTM testing, OEM specifications, coolant - elastomer compatibility testing (GFC-CEC L-39-T-96), and other industry standard tests.

The Coolcheck® laboratory located at the Dandenong plant is one of only a handful of specialised coolant testing laboratories in the world, and participates in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) for Engine Coolants run by the ASTM Committee D15 on Engine Coolants and Related Fluids.  The complete testing and development capabilities of the Coolcheck® laboratory enables us to provide our clients with a unique level of service and support.

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