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We understand what it takes to operate under challenging conditions. For over two decades we have provided some of the world’s largest mining and quarrying operations with products that protect their equipment against the extreme demands of the industry.

The PrixMax Long Life Coolants are some of the most extensively field-tested products on the market today, having been successfully implemented for many years in some of the largest and most challenging mining operation sites in the world.  Over countless hours PrixMax coolants have proven to significantly extend the service life of engines operating under mining applications, offering our clients virtually maintenance-free cooling system solutions that will keep their equipment running more efficiently and effectively in the field.


PrixMax pioneered the introduction of OAT coolants into the Australia and South East Asia mining industries. The technology that we are continuing to develop for our water based coolants and corrosion inhibitors in particular is virtually unparalleled in terms of extended life performance, durability and environmental sensitivity. Our next generation OAT product, PrixMax® RCP Platinum, is our most advanced glycol-free coolant solution to date. Combined with our unique Coolcheck® analysis program, RCP Platinum will have a supreme service life in excess of 24,000 hours or 8 years in heavy duty engines. The cost savings and environmental benefits associated with the use of PrixMax® RCP Platinum represent significant advancements in coolant technology. This product introduces the new benchmark for extended life coolants in the mining industry.

Relevant Product Range

The PrixMax Long Life Coolant technology is available in both water and ethylene glycol based solutions. The following PrixMax products have been proven to provide superior performance in mining and quarrying applications across a broad range of OEMs:

Glycol-Free Coolants Antifreeze / Coolants
Maintenance Solutions