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Hybrid Coolants

PrixMax hybrid coolants contain an advanced proprietary formulation that uses low silicate hybrid technology.

These coolants are fully formulated and cost effective solutions that will deliver consistent performance in both heavy and light duty engines.

Product Range

PrixMax MEG HT

PrixMax MEG HT is a uniquely formulated Hybrid Technology anti-freeze and anti-boil coolant concentrate that is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates and is suitable for use in early and late model petrol, diesel and gas passenger cars, 4x4s, light commercial vehicles and trucks.

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PrixMax Heavy Duty Plus

PrixMax Heavy Duty Plus is a superior, fully formulated anti-freeze / anti-boil heavy duty coolant that utilises a long drain, low depletion rate inhibitor system, and does not require an initial charge of SCA.

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