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OAT Long Life Coolants

PrixMax pioneered the introduction of heavy duty coolants based on organic acid technology (OAT) in Australia and South East Asia back in 1996. Since then, the PrixMax long life coolants have been extensively tested and proven in the field across a range of engine manufacturers in various industries.

These coolants contain a unique NAPS free formulation, and offer the ultimate in long life system protection and performance. The PrixMax OAT coolants are suitable for use in all petrol, diesel and natural gas engines.

Product Range

PrixMax RCP Platinum

PrixMax RCP Platinum is an advanced nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate (NAPS) free and borate free OAT corrosion inhibitor coolant concentrate that offers ultra long life corrosion protection and superior heat transfer performance for cooling systems of automotive, light duty, heavy duty (on-road and off-road), marine, agricultural, stationary and power generation applications where freeze protection is not required.

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PrixMax RCP

PrixMax RCP is a low-toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor concentrate for all cooling systems.  Meets or exceeds a wide range of OEM performance specifications.  

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PrixMax MEG95

PrixMax MEG95 is a premium OAT coolant concentrate that offers extended life corrosion protection, superior performance at high operating temperatures and year-round anti-freeze and anti-boil protection for petrol, gas, light and heavy duty diesel engines.  Meets or exceeds a wide range of coolant performance standards and OEM specifications. 

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PrixMax Envirocool® Radiator Coolant

PrixMax Envirocool® ready-mixed coolant is a blend of low toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors in deionised water for the protection of automobile and light-duty service engine cooling systems. Using proprietary silicate-free organic carboxylate technology, this product provides long-life corrosion protection for aluminium, iron, copper and solder alloys.

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