Carbon Neutral

PrixMax RCP coolants were the world's first coolants to be certified as 100% Carbon Neutral from cradle to grave.

We see it as our obligation to operate in a way that not only reduces our impact on the environment, but also in a way that sets a benchmark in our industry for sustainable action.  We believe that we should be doing our part to help address the issue of human-impacted climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and moving towards greater levels of resource efficiency. It is for this reason that PrixMax engaged independent environmental auditors to conduct Carbon Footprint Assessments for our most advanced coolant product range - PrixMax RCP - and entered into a program of emissions reductions and offset purchases with the Carbon Reduction Institute in order to supply the market with certified Carbon Neutral coolants.

Carbon Neutral Product CN314Carbon Neutral Product CN320A

As at 30 November 2015, the impact of neutralising the unavoidable emissions across the PrixMax RCP product range can be summarised as follows:

Litres of fuel saved: 211,271
Kilometers off the road: 2,894,123
Annual vehicles off the road: 198


Our definition of Carbon Neutral

For PrixMax, being Carbon Neutral is not simply about purchasing voluntary offsets. It is about being responsible for our use of energy by increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary emissions.

In line with our environmental accreditation under the ISO 14001 standard, we have implemented programs that will increase efficiency through enhanced processes and employee engagement. We have also improved on our existing environmental management systems, such as our recycling and waste efficiency programs. Our employees undertake regular workshops and training programs, helping to create a workforce that is conscious of our environmental impacts. Our activities in this area are all set against our own policies and environmental targets, which we monitor through ongoing internal audits and external and independent carbon footprint reporting.

Inevitably there are GHG emissions that we cannot reduce or avoid. For those emissions, we are now engaged in a program of purchasing verified and accredited carbon offsets that will take our net GHG emissions for certain products down to zero.

Being "Carbon Neutral" therefore involves a number of steps:

  • Measuring the carbon footprint of products through internationally standardised Life Cycle Assessments
  • Monitoring and reducing our GHG emissions
  • Offsetting remaining GHG emissions by carefully choosing and purchasing certified and properly sourced carbon offset units
  • Reporting regularly