Environmental Policy

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Policy Statement

At PrixMax, we see it as our obligation to provide coolant solutions that are sensitive to the world we live in.

As a company that is committed to providing sustainable solutions, our goal is to develop and promote cleaner technologies and processes that work towards eliminating unnecessary impacts on the communities and environments in which we do business.

Vision and Policy Objectives

The PrixMax Environmental Policy is part of our vision to help create a more sustainable future. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, PrixMax will:

  • Do everything we can to protect the environment and operate sustainably.
  • Strive to operate beyond compliance with respect to all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Comply with all other formal voluntary agreements that the company has entered into.
  • Continually aim to improve our environmental performance through an active Environmental Management System that complies with the ISO 14001 standard as a minimum.
  • Develop our products and services in a manner consistent with the vision of this Policy.
  • Develop environmental evaluation procedures and relevant indicators against which we can periodically measure our performance.
  • Make consistent and measurable progress in product research and development, and design core product technologies that allow for minimal environmental impact by end-users.
  • Actively promote a culture of environmental sustainability within our organization so that our employees and stakeholders share this commitment.
  • Lead by example in our industry through the continual development of processes and systems that promote best practice in environmental sustainability.
  • Maintain open and transparent discussions regarding environmental issues with our employees, community, industry partners and other stakeholders.

Implementation Strategy

To ensure that the objectives of its Environmental Policy are met, PrixMax will:

  • Clearly define our goals and targets with respect to environmental management, so that we are able to practically measure and monitor our performance in this area through our established environmental evaluation procedures.
  • Embrace and establish programs that will minimize the environmental impacts of our operations. This includes (but is not limited to): preventing the pollution of local waterways, soil and groundwater; reducing our energy use; recycling and reusing materials within our own operations; promoting recycling amongst customers and suppliers; reducing water use through source reduction where possible as well as recycling and treatment practices; effectively managing disposal of materials and products that could be harmful to the environment.
  • Ensure that our activities comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and any formal voluntary agreements that the company has entered into.
  • Use resources and energy efficiently, and periodically measure our performance in this area against associated indicators and targets.
  • Provide our employees, distributors and customers with the information and/or training necessary to handle and manage our products safely.
  • Ensure that our management, employees and contractors are informed about this Policy and are made aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to our activities.
  • Regularly attend voluntary environmental management workshops, programs and conferences in order to remain up to date with current practices, ideas, regulations and requirements.
  • Manage environmental risks on a site-specific basis to achieve planned environmental outcomes, such as the prevention of site pollution.
  • Utilize EHS auditing to evaluate compliance with this Policy and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Communicate internally between all levels of our organization through email, meetings and other forums relating to our environmental management system. We will encourage feedback and suggestions from all of our employees and contractors to further develop our environmental management system.
  • Communicate with external interested parties in relation to our environmental management efforts through press releases and updates on our website. We will also promote dialogue with interested parties by providing a range of contact points through which interested parties can communicate with the company in relation to our environmental management activities.
  • Integrate environmental management and leadership into all facets of our business through the continual maintenance and implementation of this Policy.