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PrixMax Launches GLYCHILL Heat Transfer Fluids

PrixMax is proud to launch its new GLYCHILL range of industrial coolants and heat transfer fluids.  Providing premium long term corrosion protection, dependable temperature control, and peace of mind. 

    The new GLYCHILL range of industrial coolants and heat transfer fluids brings together PrixMax's latest corrosion inhibitor technology and engineering focus to provide solutions for various industrial applications.

    Many industrial applications require a fluid to transport heat or cold, whilst simultaneous protecting against boiling, freezing and corrosion in the system.  The PrixMax GLYCHILL heat transfer fluids incorporate advanced, specially formulated inhibitor packages that are designed to prevent corrosion of system components. 


    PrixMax offers users customised fluid solutions, with base fluids, dilutions and inhibitor packages that are selected depending on the required application. 


    One of PrixMax's latest product developments - GLYCHILL FG - is fully formulated multipurpose heat transfer fluid and industrial coolant based on USP/EP grade mono-propylene glycol, containing only U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ingredients.  GLYCHILL FG is the perfect product for those industries where a premium quality food grade inhibited heat transfer fluid and coolant is required (such as food and beverage industries).


    Applications for PrixMax’s GLYCHILL range of fluids variously include:


    HVAC system freeze, burst and corrosion protection
    Indirect cooling and refrigeration systems
    Immersion freezing
    Cooling liquid foods
    Packaging carbonated beverages
    Cooling of fermentation and wort tanks
    Refrigeration coil defrosting
    Cold room dehumidifying
    Conveyor roller defrosting
    Process cooling
    Process heating 
    Supermarket refrigeration systems
    Waste heat recovery 
    Air preheating 
    Wind turbines 
    Solar heating
    Refrigeration warehouse floor heating and cooling
    Laser cutting
    Air conditioning installations


      To help customers to ensure that corrosion and freeze protection are maintained in their systems, PrixMax offers a fluid analysis service through its advanced Coolcheck testing laboratories. 


      The Coolcheck testing service is designed to ensure the long life performance of the PrixMax heat transfer fluids and to minimise the replacement of fluids over time, as well as to provide customers with data that will assist with system oversight. The Coolcheck laboratories also provide tailored comments and action recommendations from expert analytical personnel. The analysis includes determination of current inhibitor and glycol levels, and our recommendations for maintaining proper corrosion protection.


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