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PrixMax begins to analyse carbon footprint

PrixMax engaged an external environmental audit group to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment for its RCP corrosion inhibitor range.

A Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment (LCA) involves the examination and quantification of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impact from each phase of the life of a product. The analysis traces all the way back upstream to include the raw materials that are sourced to manufacture the product, the place where they are sourced and the method of extraction and transportation for manufacture. The product audit then assesses manufacturing processes, energy usage, waste production and packaging and freight processes to the point of use. The LCA follows the life-cycle measurement standards prescribed within ISO 14044, which is the group of international standards for LCAs.

A Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment (LCA) diagram showing the three stages.
Image credit: Carbon Reduction Institute (

Although the PrixMax RCP water-based coolant and corrosion inhibitor range already boasts the features of a low carbon footprint product, the Life Cycle Assessment allows us to further identify and implement even greater emission reduction strategies down the supply chain. This is all part of our commitment to providing sustainable solutions, and mitigating our impact on the environment.