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Impact of PrixMax's Carbon Neutral Push

The impact of neutralising our emissions across our Carbon Neutral range has been significant.

Since launching the world's first fully certified Carbon Neutral engine coolant in 2013, PrixMax has extended it's certified Carbon Neutral product range to include our premium glycol-based antifreeze coolant, PrixMax MEG95, as well as products such as PrixMax Radiator Flush, Envirocool and RCP. 

Through its "Low CO2" and carbon offset programs, PrixMax has made a significant impact, taking the equivalent of 400 cars off Australian roads annually in terms of carbon emissions.  As at 7 November 2018, the impact of neutralising our emissions across the Carbon Neutral product range can be summarised as follows:

600,000+  litres of fuel saved
5.8 MILLION kms off the road
220+  laps of Australia’s coastline
400 cars off the road each year
640 MT of coal burning avoided

With more and more customers choosing the Carbon Neutral option, PrixMax expects these numbers to continue to grow significantly over the coming years.

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