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PrixMax Quench Coolant

PrixMax Quench Coolant (QC) is a state of the art organic inhibitor designed to prevent corrosion and staining of all metals during quenching.

PrixMax QC also provides excellent corrosion protection in closed system applications such as tyre ballast for wheel and rim rust and scale removal, heat exchange equipment and water based fire resistant hydraulic fluids. Unlike many other corrosion inhibitors, PrixMax QC is an organic and non-toxic product that does not contain any environmentally harmful materials or additives, making it safe for marine life and from an OH&S perspective.

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Environmentally Safe

  • PrixMax QC does not contain any environmentally unacceptable materials such as nitrites, amines, phosphate, borates, molybdates or silicates which are often found in conventional inhibitor products
  • The organic formulation has been tested and proven to have a very low toxicity to fish and mammals
  • Considerably reduces environmental impact for used product disposal
  • Water-based formulation
  • Readily biodegradable


  • PrixMax QC has been proven to provide effective, long term corrosion protection for the six basic metal alloys - aluminium, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper - found in most heat transfer systems
  • Specifically designed to prevent corrosion and staining of metal surfaces during quenching operations
  • The unique organic technology eliminates the problems associated with using chemical reaction layers, leading to a far more effective and lasting corrosion inhibitor solution
  • Specially designed for bath heater systems and heat exchangers in gas operations

Broad Application

  • PrixMax QC is also suitable as a corrosion inhibitor in the following applications: rim and tyre protection, heat exchange equipment and water based fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • PrixMax QC also provides premium corrosion protection in all closed system applications
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